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The Mauritius Impact Finance Gateway to Africa (MIFGA) is a joint initiative by AXIS and Innpact (a leading impact finance specialist providing advisory and third-party fund management services) offering efficient and turn-key fund management solutions for impact investment managers out of Mauritius. It is the first impact investing platform of Mauritius which aims at supporting the creation and the management of impact finance vehicles investing in Africa. It offers an efficient  and comprehensive turnkey fund management solution  to impact investment managers allowing them to focus on their core area of expertise: deal management. This innovative structure enables fund promoters to set-up and manage impact finance vehicles in an efficient and cost-effective manner while benefiting from the support of leading service providers in the industry.


New impact funds typically face numerous challenges in terms of the complexity of blended finance structures, time to market and availability of resources, especially during the ramp-up phase. Taking those challenges into consideration, MIFGA has been designed as a turnkey solution targeted towards resolving the hurdles of new impact funds. MIFGA combines the advantages of a lean and flexible operating model with the robustness and track record of its members in supporting impact funds.

A Turnkey Platform for Impact Investing

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